Paintings Inspired by transformation and acclimation of objects related to their settings and the space around them.

We are who we surround ourselves with

Blue Bunny "Joan" _30x30_Oil & Acrylic on cradled Wood_2021

Orange crystal bunny

Orange bunny_30x30_Oil and Acrylic on wood_panel 2021

Floral painting

Amuse Bouche

Violet, Crystal Still Life

Still life with violet water

contemporary realist painting

Still Life with Pink Water (2)


Paintings that vary from figures and florals on aluminum, to moments caught in time, to inspirational French travels that play on the stories behind closed doors with silver leaf graffiti location tags.

Love is like a Rose
Fleur Sauvage Rouge, 36x36, Oil on aluminum painting, 2019
The Sweet Spot
XOXO painting
French door painting
South of France door
Saint Remy
contemporary realist painting
Wedding Backdrop


Commissions for Anthropologie mixed with my first foray into figures on aluminum while an artist in residence at SVA.

Whale for Anthropologie
floral oil on aluminum painting
Oil and lipstick painting on aluminum
Its just a quiet moment
cactus painting
figurative lady on wood
Its all a dream part 2
Hand painted magnoila wallpaper


Moments caught in time and the storylines people create.

contemporary realist figurative painting
I Praise The New York Sunset
figurative work on canvas
figurative sunglass painting
black and white with color on canvas
figurative painting on canvas
Good Golly Miss Molly
figurative ny painting
feminine figure painting
Pretty Baby DETAIL
energy painting
The Waltz


Commissions of dog portraits, wedding paintings, and alternative works

little pecan island
Little pecan island painting
Scotland hunting painting
Wedding Day- private commission
wedding painting
Colorado Wedding- private commission
Tell me about it stud, commission for Cre8ATL in Atlanta, GA
Audrey Hepburn painting
Aundry Hepborn Detail shot.
Chocolate lab dog portrait
German Shepard dog portrait
black lab dog portrait
cocker spaniel dog portrait
chocolate spaniel painting
cocker spaniel dog portrait
Shitzu dog portrait
dog portraits
dog portraits
Colorful frenchie- Private Commission
Three Lovely Ladies- Private Commision
Oliver with cigar- Private Commission
Dior Purse painting  front- Private Commision
Dior purse painting back- Private commission
Main Points of Yoga for Eb and Flow Yoga,  Chicago, IL
Ladies of the street for Lululemon athletic Lincoln center, NYC